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How do they say? The first pancake is always spoiled.

Sunshine State of the U.S., famous for its theme parks, beaches and alligators. The house of Mickey Mouse, manatees and Cuban immigrants. The place where in 1946 invented frozen concentrated orange juice. One of the most gray states across America, where 19.1% of the population are aged 65 years and older, the highest percentage in the nation. Florida, the place where we started our dream trip around the United States. Why here? The reason was very prosaic. Our start was strongly determined by the purchase of a camper, and after reading the various blogs and forums in the Internet, considering all the pros and cons, it turned out that in Florida it should go quite smoothly with all registration formalities and insurance (about how it went I wrote already in the two previous posts HERE and HERE). 

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How not to buy the car in the U.S.

About buying a car in the US I already wrote – first post from our roadtrip. After reading it, you probably think that this is a piece of cake. Well, we thought so too. Did I say that we had tried to prepare ourselves very carefully before the trip? Well ... despite the hours spent on books, blogs, forums, etc., we did not avoid mistakes. Costly mistakes.
So how not to buy the car in the U.S.?

How to buy a car in the U.S.

How to buy a car in the U.S. when you're a foreigner and why would you really do it? 
May the 3rd we began our 6 months roadtrip through the North America. We used to travel a lot, using our 23 vacation days in 100%, but we always thought about some long journey. We were saving money, but we did not have clearly defined plans. In November last year, our family grew bigger and we decided that now is the right moment. Yes, we would love to go to travel around the world, for few years but with our newbie we decided to spend 6 months in the U.S. and Canada. And here the question arises, how do we travel over there? Very quickly, we decided to RV (recreational vehicle). At the very beginning we did not know whether it should be motohrom, a car with a trailer or semi-trailer. It was clear that our 4 wheels needs to transfer us from point A to point B, but what is more important, become our new home. After checking renting prices for such a long time it was obvious that we can not afford …